Secure Networking and Control of Different Disciplines

Different networked sensors, actuators, and other smart devices in different disciplines make up the basis. By using IPv6 (the Internet of Things) and BACnet, the IP500® standard is the ideal platform solution for wireless networking and control in the following areas: Access control and safety locks, Fire and smoke alarms, Emergency exits, Break-in protection, Lighting and climate control, Messaging and location

The IP500® platform thereby lays the groundwork for sustainable, energy-efficient, easy-to-integrate building automation solutions. This applies both within a discipline and across disciplines to the vendor-neutral deployment of products and systems. They can be networked and controlled securely and easily using an extremely small amount of energy. As a consequence, IP500® solutions achieve higher profitability and provide assured investment protection at all levels of value creation. In addition, a large number of applications can only be run with the aid of

IP500®: uses such as coupling sensor data and energy management systems simply and easily or linking fire alarm systems with lighting installations.

At present no other wireless system delivers the required conformity to standard national guidelines such as VdS in Germany and to European norms. Installing and operating standard-compliant wireless and open solutions in the commercial sector will require the IP500® standard.

Why IP500 powered by CoreNetiX?

  • most efficient and interoperable IP network stack (based on IPv6 / 6LowPAN)
  • support of most common protocols and application profiles (e.g. BACnet over IP)
  • highest coverage in buildings due to most sensitive Radio Chip technology (according to IEEE Standard 802.15.4 2006 in the Sub 1GHz band 868/915 MHz)
  • longest battery life time in sensor devices due to fully synchronized Radio Chip Base Band Design and network stack
  • full interoperability and turn-key Radio Modules for sensor applications

Protocol Stack / Overview

Mesh Network Technology

Key Features

  • Most robust and secure mesh connectivity in commercial buildings
  • Scalable range and mesh topology / size of network
  • Supports safety / security and mobile & comfort applications
  • High network capacity

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