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CoreNetiX CoreNetiX offers wireless communication technologies
and solutions for low-power smart sensor networks.

Our Services

Software Development

Embedded Software-Development for smart wireless Networks

EM Hardware

Consulting and Development of Radio Modulation, Antenna- and Module Design, intergration of Software

Hardware Design

Services and Consulting for individual Hardware and Software Products

CoreNetiX – Wireless Solutions

CoreNetiX provides highly efficient IP (Internet Protocol) based wireless intelligent network stacks on top of cutting-edge design solutions for Radio Chips. We enable highest performance of the wireless link and scalability of a sensor network by incorporating and synchronizing applications protocols with IP based network stack functions and the Radio Chip design features. In addition, CoreNetiX integrates networking software into existing OEM hardware and also provides Engineering Services.

  • Efficient, IP based protocol stack, which is compatible with IPv6 / 6LowPAN
  • Supports the most popular protocols and application profiles (for example: Wireless M-Bus, BACnet, wireless BACnet)
  • Reasonably increased communication coverage – thanks to outstanding sensitivity of the used transceiver chip
  • Operates in the IEEE 802.15.4 standardized sub-GHz frequency bands (868 MHz / 915 MHz)
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.15.4 standard
  • Extended battery lifetime due to used wireless communication technology and optimized protocol stack as well
  • Fully interoperable between different applications from different vendors


Wireless Radio Applications & Solutions

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