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CoreNetiX drives market entry strategies for OEMs or Alliance partners by providing value added wireless technologies for low-power sensor network in accordance with worldwide and also regional frequency regulations as well as related application requirements.

The deep and market driven experience of the CoreNetiX team in smart wireless network technologies as well as in Radio Chip Designs and Software Development is a solid foundation for the successful cooperation with IC Manufacturers, OEM-Partners and Alliances, as well as with System-Integrators, focused on dedicated wireless low-power sensor applications in large commercial buildings and enterprises.

Why CoreNetiX?

  • most efficient and interoperable IP network stack (based on IPv6 / 6LowPAN)
  • support of most common protocols and application profiles (e.g. BACnet over IP)
  • highest coverage in buildings due to most sensitive Radio Chip technology (according to IEEE Standard 802.15.4 2006 in the Sub 1GHz band 868/915 MHz)
  • longest battery life time in sensor devices due to fully synchronized Radio Chip Base Band Design and network stack
  • full interoperability and turn-key Radio Modules for sensor applications

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