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DKE / VDE announced NormungsRoadmap Version 2.0 for SmartHome & Building applications

April 2017 | IP500 & CoreNetix / In cooperation with the DKE / VDE (official German institute for communication) the IP500 Alliance has be able to present their solution in the new released document called "SmartHome & Building Applications version 2.0". These document is a good overview and a guild line for architects, planners, system integrators what is available as standards for smart homes and buildings and how can these standards be used in specific applications. The Version 2.0 is now available in German language, and will be translated in the near future in English. This Roadmap will have a strong influence on international organization.

CoreNetiX GmbH, IP500® and SMK at CES 2017
USA, LAS VEGAS at Booth: #20200 - South Hall 1 - Las Vegas Convention Center.

5th Jan. - 8th Jan. 2017 | CoreNetix GmbH  

IP500 Alliance & CoreNetiX in partnership with SMK Electronics Corp. are pleased to present an RF Module and system solution to integrate IP500 into your Smart Commercial Building project.

CoreNetiX GmbH presents IP500® at Electronica 2016
Germany, Munich at HALL A3 / Booth 358/6

November 8-11, 2016 | CoreNetix GmbH  

Visit us and check out our wireless, manufacturer-neutral and secure data transfer in building automation
and for security-related applications.



Essen 2016 | IP500 & CoreNetix /  

Wireless, manufacturer-neutral and secure data transfer in building automation and for security-related applications
H. Adamski, CEO, IP500 Alliance

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Security Essen 2016

Smart City Project "RegioWIN" in Freiburg

2016 | IP500 & CoreNetix /  

The Smart City Project "RegioWIN" is targeting the industrial parks of three cities - Freiburg i.B., Offenburg and Lahr in Germany.
The project will make commercial buildings (companies, parks, restaurants or other professional

more information at

CoreNetiX at IP500® Alliance Show
Eindhoven / Netherlands

01-02 June 2016 | IP500 & CoreNetix /  

2016 June 1st – Workshops / Guest Session
12:30h –13:30h Welcome & Lunch
13:30h –18:00h Welcome Session for Guests & New Members (incl. System Integrator / Planner Session)
13:30h –18:00h Workshop Session #1 & #2 (Members only)
19:00h Dinner Event (see above)

2015 June 2nd – Main Meeting
09:00h –12:30h IP500 Main Meeting (including Guests and Partners)
12:30h –13:30h Lunch
End of IP500 Main Meeting for Guests and Partners
13:30h – 16:00h IP500 Members Main Meeting (Members only)
16:00h End of IP500 Main Meeting

Visit IP500® Alliance & CoreNetiX at Light & Building 2016
in Frankfurt/Main

13 to 18 March 2016 | IP500 & CoreNetix /  Ligh & Building

Ligh & Building

Now available the wireless radio dual band module CNX200
Made in Germany

Sep 2015 | CoreNetix's dual band on 868MHz & 2,4 GHz

Ligh & Building

Wireless Congress 2015 – On the Road to Wireless IoT

November 18-19/2015 | Meet IP500 & CoreNetix / Venue: Konferenzzentrum München, Hanns Seidel Haus, Lazarettstr. 33, 80636 Munich, Germany.

In 2015 the Wireless Congress 2015: Systems & Applications will have an outstanding topic: Wireless IoT. The integration of wireless devices into the internet, safety and security in wireless technologies and applications will be a great challenge for the next future. The congress program will also focus on: mobile radio communication, RF technologies, energy harvesting, WLAN, NFC, wireless testing and standardization, long range technologies, localisation, UNB and UWB. Every important wireless technology – from ANT to Z-Wave – will be present at the Wireless Congress 2015, with their newest solutions and experts. For the first time the Wireless Congress will have dedicated sessions for all dominant wireless technologies: You name it: Bluetooth, EnOcean, IP500, KNX RF, DECT ULE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN. So the Wireless Congress will 2015 expand the wireless technology platform for developers, system designers, technology decision-makers, project managers and wireless system authorities to meet experts from the wireless industry, researchers and scientists. The Wireless Congress 2015 will enlarge the technology and networking platform for wireless experts – giving a comprehensive overview of current wireless standards, protocols and applications, safety and security aspects, system design tips, technology enhancements, standardisation and market opportunities. There will be 65 presentations and 10 keynotes in 2 days. A highlight will be the panel discussion with experts representing the important wireless technologies to discuss: On the road to Wireless IoT – what do we need? We are very much looking forward to meet you in Munich for the Wireless Congress.


SmartCity technology forum in Lugano, Switzerland, September 1st, 2015 - IP500 platform with across the trades smart solutions for Smart Cities
Made in Germany

Sep 2015 | CoreNetix's dual band on 868MHz & 2,4 GHz

Together with the Faculty of computer science of the University of Lugano (USI) and Salt, the IP500 Alliance hosts the " Smart city Technology Forum" on the 1st of September on campus of Lugano. Top class abstractors showed "Smart Solutions" with secure, interoperable and smart products from different areas based on the IP500 platform. Cross-linked between the trades these solutions form the basis of a "smart city" that permits a new quality of public services in areas such as mobility, environment, energy efficiency and security, and improves quality of life. The event, which was opened by Marco Borradori, mayor of Lugano, had around 100 participants, including 15 guests from Japan. Keynote speakers of the first part of the conference were the three promoters.

Miroslaw Malek, professor at the USI and director of the Institute AlaRI, provided in his presentation "Age of Computricity" information about the possibilities and opportunities that digitization and networking provides the cities. Britta Reinhardt-Moser, Chief Business Officer of Salt, gave a lecture, entitled "Smart City - Driver for Innovation", about how the topic Smart City encourages new developments in technology.

Helmut Adamski, CEO of IP500 Alliance, outlined under the title "The true Internet of Things 3.0", the significance of the cooperation of the different trades and how a platform like the IP500 can be used to develop smart solutions for the Smart Cities.

Smart solutions from the region Lugano In the second part, practical applications from the Lugano region were presented, such as, a solution to simplify the search for a car park, the improvement of road safety and the optimization of agricultural production. Andrea Fossati, CEO Parquery, reported a "Smart Parking Solution". Kataria Balac, USI, explained a Case Study about the "In-Tunnel Vehicle Localization" for the Vedeggio-Cassarate Tunnel and Mauro Prevostini, USI, informed about the Smart Vineyard Project "Precision Agriculture", which is a precise and efficient control of pests in the wine sector. Frank Konrad from MicroSens, gave a lecture on "Smart City ECO System and Business". Interoperability with IP500 Finally, Helmut Adamski and various members of IP500 Alliance presented different IP500 products, which are able to actualize different smart solutions.

Thanks to the interoperability of the products, the IP500 platform can connect applications across the areas of comfort, security and energy efficiency in the same wireless network. Summaries Miroslaw Malek, director of the Institute Alari of USI, said: "From phones, cars, home alarm systems, traffic lights to hospitals, banks and airports: Our cities are littered with sensors that are linked to one another: the so-called "embedded systems", by their functionality our life depends on, literally. Since 1999, AlaRi engaged in the research and training in this area, so I am very glad that Salt and IP500 Alliance help to make concrete steps to transfer our knowledge to the urban reality of the Italian part of Switzerland." Britta Reinhardt-Moser, Chief Business Officer of Salt, explained: "We live and work increasingly mobile. We access any information at any desired moment and place. As a next step we control devices and equipment from everywhere at any time. Without customized mobile services and a top developed, reliable mobile network this is not realizable. That's what Salt supplies for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities." Helmut Adamski, CEO of IP500 Alliance, said: "The meeting was for the platform IP500 a wonderful opportunity, because the purpose of the alliance is to develop a common ecosystem, which is shared by research, industry and public institutions and which provides a quick and secure interoperability of numerous wireless devices, that are scattered in the cities and facilitate our daily life."


Visit IP500® Alliance and us at e Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) Exhibition

Sep 2015 | At the Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) Exhibition, taking place October 7th and 8th in Paris, IP500 Member EBV Elektronik will inform visitors about IP500. EVB Elektronik will exhibit together with ON Semiconductor (Stand C35). IP500 members Belimo and Microsens will also be present at IBS. IBS


Visit CoreNetiX at Security 2014
23/09. - 26/09/2014, Essen
Made in Germany

Juli 2014 | CoreNetix auf der Security 2014 / Booth - IP500® Alliance

40 Years of Security Essen: Innovations for Civil Security and Fire Protection


CoreNetiX "TOP 20" 2014
23.06. - 24.04.2014, London

April 2014| CoreNetix auf dem Digital Tech Summit 2014, London


CoreNetiX selected to present during the Digital Tech Summit 2014 / TECHTOUR TOP 20 Selected Companies

IP500 definiert die Gebäudeautomation neu! STG-BEIKIRCH

01. August 2013| der IP500® Standard


Die Bedürfnisse an die technische Gebäudeautomation oder die Wünsche an den heimischen Wohnkomfort steigen ebenso stetig, wie die Anforderungen an eine höhere Gebäudesicherheit durch rechtliche Vorschriften und Normen. Die Industrie begegnet dieser Herausforderung mit innovativen Produkten und definiert dabei ebenfalls neue Standards. Autor: Heino Schello, STG-Beikirch GmbH S. Co. KG

IP5OO ist eine Entwicklung mehrerer Industrieunternehmen, darunter Bosch, Siemens Honeywell u.a., die sich in der IPSOO Alliance zusammengefunden haben.

iXtrial- Development Kit Release 2.0 - NOW AVAILABLE

24. July 2013| IP500® 868 Mhz

CoreNetiX's - CNX100 Development Kit provides all that is needed for System Developers to integrate their Smart Building products into an IP500® network.

iXtrial- Development Kit - jetzt bei,

20. July 2013| das IP500® iXtrial - 868 Mhz

Das CoreNetiX - iXtrial Develoment Kit können sie ab sofort auch Online bei, erwerben oder kontaktieren sie uns einfach und wir schicken Ihnen ein unverbindliches Angbeot per E-Mail.


iXtrial- Development Kit - Workshop

22. February 2013| IP500® iXtrial - 868 Mhz

Berlin, 22.02.2013: In conjunction with the commencing shipments of the CNX100 Development Kit, CorNetiX is offering a technical workshop particularly dedicated to engineers being interested in becoming quickly familiar with its HW- and SW-components. The workshop comprises a number of lectures, providing the theoretical basics, as well as some hands-on practicing to get a deeper understanding of the system’s capabilities. Developers will learn how easy it is to run an own application in a small IP500 network.

Frank Külich becomes new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CoreNetiX GmbH

13. November 2012

CoreNetiX has appointed Frank Külich as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With Frank Külich, an industry-experienced manager with all the skills necessary to turn advanced technology into mature products in compliance with the expectations of industrial customers joins the CoreNetiX management team. Being a talented and proven executive, Frank Külich brings a successful track record of leading and operating industrial and business-focused telecommunications and technology companies. As CoreNetiX moves forward with its strategic initiatives to establish and foster its market position in the area of IP500-based wireless sensor network products in a variety of applications, Frank has the perfect skillset to lead the company into the future.

IP500 Alliance and CoreNetiX signed cooperation agreement.

07. February 2012 |

P500 Alliance, as global Alliance of key manufacturers in the Building Automation market, has signed a cooperation agreement with CoreNetiX, as exclusive supplier of the IP500 Network solution (RF Module). The strategic and close cooperation between both parties guaranties the development and the worldwide establishment of high performance IP500 solution as “the Standard for low-power sensor networking – the Internet of Thing”. "Wireless sensor networking plays an important role in the development of the mega market – Internet of Things. The IP500 was drawn to CoreNetiX by the quality of global IP500 OEMs that have sought out CoreNetiX and its product portfolio as the most competitive wireless solution," said Lyn Matten, Managing Director of the IP500 Alliance. “This global mega market is ready for the IP500 standard. And we're confident that CoreNetiX unique technology is going to provide the needed product portfolio. CoreNetiX has a strong development team, as early deployment of their technology demonstrates, and the close and solid cooperation between the IP500 Alliance and CoreNetiX will drive the momentum of the market opportunity.", added Helmut Adamski, Chairman of the IP500 Alliance.


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