Co-operations / IP500® Members

The IP500 Alliance has built its vision and the solution for wireless IP based sensor Mesh-Networks on world wide accepted standards.  IP500® – An Open, Secure, and Vendor-neutral Platform As an open, non-proprietary, high-performance, and secure building automation platform the IP500® standard does indeed set new standards. It is the only wireless technology standard to ensure maximum interoperability by using and supporting the main industry norms and by clearly specifying all interfaces. It uses and supports IEEE 802.15.4-2006, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, IPSec, BACnet, and AES128. Furthermore, the IP500® standard is the first and only wireless-based solution that will fulfill all of the EN and VdS specifications for products and electronic devices in safety and security relevant applications such as fire protection, break-in protection, or access control.



IP500® Members

ABI- Sicherheitssysteme Bosch Assa Abbloy Belimo BKS
Wago UTC Honeywell EssmannSGS
Schindler Salt Mobile Business TYCO Regent Lighting STG Beikirch
NOVO Lighing Bosch Gisinger xtralis BKS
Link GmbH Gunnebo euromircron Eaton DATA LINC