CNX100 - 868 MHz - Wireless Radio Module

IP500® - 868 MHz Wireless Radio Module

CNX100 - CoreNetiX

The CNX100 was designed towards the requirements of an secure open wireless standard solution for building automation, smart home and wireless security. Together with the integrated microcontroller and a wide range of peripherals, the CNX100 uses the best-in-class Sub-GHz RF technology to meet the long distance reach requirements, high data rate throughput and security expectations. The CNX100 complies with latest IEE802.15.4g-2011 and ETSI EN300 220-1 and FCC47 CFR Section 15.247. An IP500 protocol stack and the BACnet application interface allow an easy integration into the customers systems by using a standard API interfacing.  

Key Features CNX100:


- Native IP500® protocol stack
- Sub GHz operation frequency
- IPv6 support
- IEEE 802.15.4,

- Connections: UART, Antenna
- BACnet application support
- Compact dimensions: 15 mm x 34 mm
- Mesh Network
- CE and ETSI certified

suitable for the following applications:

smart commercial buildings and homes, wireless automation, smart metering, low power sensor networks, intelligent eco energy management and wireless security

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